Monday, August 9, 2010

Stormy Sunday

Yesterday I awoke to the abrupt clashing of thunder outside my window. It was rainy and gray outside with storms passing in and out all throughout the day. While driving was a bit stressful, once I reached my destination, I stayed locked up with a pal inside all day and night embracing the rainy day. Though it forces one to stay inside, stormy days, especially stormy Sundays, can actually be quite wonderful. It was the first day in a long time I didn't have anywhere to be, and just let the rain pitter-patter on the window pane.

We passed the day with a movie marathon, horoscope readings, and other musings about life in general, mixed in with munching on delicious food of course. The day couldn't have been more perfect with my good friend Stephany and with a well-rounded movie selection to boot! (She gets credit for the movie selection: Clueless, Donnie Darko, Smokin' Aces)

And I just have to add, as far as movies go, I forgot how hilarious Clueless is now that I'm old enough to enjoy the ridiculousness of it all. And Donnie Darko far surpasses the recent Inception craze everyone is on the bandwagon about.