Saturday, February 27, 2010

So much snow!

It seems as of lately, we get some snow each week. Although "some" is an understatement- we've had two major BLIZZARDS in the past couple weeks. It's a well known fact that public schools in NYC rarely ever have closings for weather-related issues, but yesterday the mayor closed schools for the 2nd time this month. It kept snowing most of yesterday and some places in Brooklyn and Queens got as much as 20 inches. However, I trudged through the knee-deep snow and slush to make it to work since we don't get snow days at "the pier". It's been quite a snowy February, and while it's beautiful and I've enjoyed it, I'm ready for spring. There's enough snow to last us a while! These are some pictures I took with my iPhone outside my apartment in Brooklyn...

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Park

Last Sunday was spent lazing around in my Brooklyn apartment. I thoroughly enjoyed doing so and not having anywhere to be at any time because lately I've been running around so much, to and from the city, it gets exhausting. And that's what Sundays are for, right? After a wonderful Sunday brunch at home and some blog browsing, I went to visit my park- Prospect Park. It's kind of the Central Park of Brooklyn since it's the next largest and is just as picturesque. In fact it's so huge it has lots of sports grounds, nature trails, ponds for paddle boats/ice skating, playgrounds, a carousel, and even its own zoo. When I first moved into my apartment over the summer and discovered the park 2 blocks away, I spent much of my time exploring, jogging, and picknicking there. But as the fall and winter months crept in and brought on the chill (as well as the fact I was overseas for most of fall), my visits there became far and few in between. With the exception of a night-time sledding venture to the park a few weeks ago during the blizzard with my roommates (which was actually a magical experience since I felt like I was in Narnia), I have not been able to brave the cold and visit the snow-covered grounds. However Sunday was an exception since it was relatively warm out-- look at me, a Floridian, calling barely 40 degrees "warm", I guess I'm adjusting. Everyone else seemed to be taking advantage of this too as I saw lots of life and energy fill the park- families walking, athletes biking and jogging, children playing at the playground, couples sitting on benches, dogs with their owners, and solo park-goers like myself.
The park is a place where I can find some quietude, feel in my element, and get my dose of nature that I lack going back and forth into Gotham city- where ubiquitous skyscrapers overshadow the busy streets and there's a constant hustle and bustle. I'm anxiously awaiting the coming months when I can watch the remnants of winter's harshness gradually melt away and blossom into spring.

On the walk home, I snapped a few shots of the gorgeous brownstones... I wouldn't mind living in one.

Who wouldn't want to come home to that entrance everyday?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

See you in September

Last week we bid adieu to NYFW Fall/Winter 2010, and its last season at Bryant Park. I ended up being able to attend a show and after-party for William Rast (the label which Justin Timberlake is a designing partner of). The show was at a large studio space in Chelsea and packed with editors, some celebs, and other miscellaneous fashionistas including myself observing from the sidelines. It featured a live band playing rock music with a large TV screen set behind the runway with live feed from the show and images of picturesque Americana coupled with large words reading "William Rast", "Denim Couture", "New America", and the like. The show itself was full of energy and the live music brought an intense rock and roll vibe to it. Since my pictures and video don't do such a great job capturing the clothes, I posted pictures courtesy of
The collection featured a very all-American aesthetic with models rocking a lot of denim and casual couture with military and Native American-inspired pieces. Beaded headbands, tattered and torn jackets, cargo pants, and fur pellets all made their way down the runway against a muted winter palette of grey, black, brown, cream, and army green. The loose and laid-back vibe with embellishing details gave a contemporary take on American classics with an easy and ready-to-wear feel. Below is video I took during the opening of the show- you can just feel the intensity and rock & roll energy!

And of course Justin's sweetie Jessica Biel was front row, looking gorgeous! Paparazzi shot for ya.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remembering Marilyn

Marilyn & Chuck

My Grandma Marilyn passed away over the holidays and last Friday was her birthday. She's been on my mind quite a bit lately, though I am not mourning her death because I know her soul still lives on and she's at peace. For one of my assignments in my online class, we had to pay tribute to someone we love, so I wrote her a letter that I've included below with some old photos I love of her.
being a goofball

While I did not get to officially say "goodbye", I'm not sure I reall
y needed to. Because it's not a goodbye, but rather a transition phase. Your spirit is transitioning to another life or form or place, and I still feel it with me on this earth. I might even get to really see you in that "other place" when I too transition to another form. Gradually, since December, I have been feeling your absence more and more, but I also find you peeking around in little places here and there. There are subtle reminders of the amazing grandmother you were to me and memories I'll never forget. Mom's big orange Betty Crocker cookbook will get passed down to me at some point, with all its loose newspaper clippings and your hand-written recipes and notes. Each time mom and I bake or cook together, you're still there too even if we can't call you up 20 times and ask you questions. You're even here with me in New York as it was once a place you lived a life ago before I was born, and a place you visited with me and mom. There is wonderful family for me here who I know solely because you were that connecting piece that links us. Each day when I make my to-do lists and plan things out on calendars or notebook paper, a piece of you is here. These are things that you've taught me and will stay with me as I grow up to the woman I'm going to be. You've passed down a few things and they will continue to live on after me. I look forward to having you along to watch my journey.

I love you, G-ma and Happy Birthday.My mom as a kid with Gma in pink- what a babe she was.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

"Romeo & Juliet" by Tim Burton

For all you romantics out there, single or attached, here's a little something lovely in the spirit of Valentine's Day... Tim Burton's take on the classic romantic couple Romeo & Juliet. This drawing is on display at his exhibit at the MOMA and I bought a postcard of it as my souvenir. It's just simple ink, marker, and colored pencil on paper, but I love it. It's sweet in an odd way, and is a nice reminder that there's someone out there for everyone.
Now for some chocolate and a chick flick...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Week

Well all my little fashionistas, trend-setters, label-obsessors, runway-strutters, it's that time of year again. NYFW (New York Fashion Week) is among us! I was so bummed to be away from NY for fall fashion week in September (though I was in Tokyo so can't be too upset haha) since it's one of the biggest things that happens in NY and I live here now! Thankful to be here for it this time around, I've already felt its intensity and it doesn't start until Thursday officially. Though my division at the agency doesn't usually have runway girls- the extremely tall, amazon-like, gangly ones- I've been busy with presentation and showroom castings and seeing tons of amazons flooding the streets running around to castings. The city is turning into a jungle and I even passed by the tents while they were being put up last week at Bryant Park. I took a moment to just take it in and it really hit me. I live here. This is NYFW and it's happening. There is an amazing energy I can feel and it's exhilarating! While it doesn't look like I'll be doing any strutting on the runway this time around, I definitely plan on embracing the fact I can be here for this and get in on any shows, parties, events, etc that I can! I still get to experience it, just not from the catwalk. I can deal with that... stay tuned for more frequent updates (no more slacking!). Though I've just been busy dabbling as I do... currently undertaking a new venture at DJing so any/all DJ name suggestions are welcome!