Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snap Happy

Since I got a new digital camera for my birthday from by best friend in the world, I've been toting it with me all over New York. I've always loved photography- both taking and viewing pictures. I developed a love for it in high school when I took photography labs for 3 years, as well as freshman year in college. It's one of my main creative outlets as I enjoy documenting my experiences and seeing the beauty in all things around me. Especially being in NY, the city that always has inspired me to take pictures, I find there is always something to take a picture of. Everyday brings something new and exciting and I can't get enough of it. So I'll probably start posting some more photos on here as I've been quite snap-happy lately, saying I feel like a tourist in my own city, and probably will always feel that way in a sense because NY has so much to offer. So many nooks and little spots, places to explore, and things that can only be seen here. These flowers are just some dyed daisies at the market stand. They look kind of cheezy at first glance when walking by, but when I stopped to take a closer look, thought they were kind of fantastical and unreal.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Feeling a little nostalgic

This was taken in a photo booth Junior year in high school at our After Prom. My dear friend Ariana is with me on the left. I still have this in my Brooklyn apartment today, now 3 years later. I just love how it captures our personalities. It reminds me of fun times at high school with Ariana and the other girls who I still see and keep in touch with. There's also just something about photo booths that make for a unique picture-taking experience. Having the pictures in a photo strip like this gives it a kind of storyline and creates a nostalgic feeling. At least for me it does. It brings a smile to my face whenever I look at it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wait, I live here??

Today I had a surreal moment. I was walking down Prince Street in SoHo, already with a little pep in my step as I had been successful in my errands (one of which included getting a little free gift at Coach). I'm just looking around at all there is to take in- tourists, street vendors, artwork, store windows- when, thank goodness for my observant behavior, Marc Jacobs and I pass each other (he's one of my absolute favorite fashion designers). I saw him coming toward me but didn't register who it was until the second after we passed. I came to a halt and whipped my head around to get a good look to be sure. Yes, it was him! A huge smile came across my face and I started walking again, immediately pulling out my phone to update my statuses on Twitter and Facebook. Reality is still setting in as I can't believe I just casually passed him on the street like it was no big deal. This, among a multitude of other reasons, is why I love New York City. Do I really live here?

Harry Potter

Last night I went with my friends Hollie and Alex to see the new Harry Potter movie at Union Square, with the intent of also going to see 500 Days of Summer (an indie love story) after. Well as far as Harry Potter goes, I have to say I'm not as avid a fan as most of my peers since I have yet to read one of J.K. Rowling's books. Sad, I know. I feel like I'm a disgrace to my generation but it just never happened and I feel like I missed the train on that one. So as much as I enjoy the movies for entertainment purposes, I found myself a bit lost last night in the course of the plot and characters. I kept leaning over to get Alex to fill me in. There was also a bit too much of the silly teen romance stuff for me- it undermined the good, stimulating plot. But I guess that's what appeals to the younger audience. I will say that I was entertained for sure, and I love the way the movies are shot with the visual effects and such. Maybe since the next movie won't be out for years, I'll read the last book to find out what happens since it'll be divided into two separate movies to drag it out even further and make more money I'm sure. Or maybe not at this point I'm not sure how much I really care. It's kind of pathetic, but I could probably wait. And we ended up not even being able to sneak into the second movie, which I think I wanted to see more than Harry...

Friday, July 17, 2009

I met an author today

So today I met a real, legitimate, writer. To be honest I hadn't heard of him or his work, but that's not saying much since I haven't been to a bookstore lately. Larry Kirwin, author of Green Suede Shoes was in Staples in SoHo with me today at the printing center... dropping off his latest manuscript to be printed- which he had just completed after 7 years of hard work! I only knew it was him because the woman behind the printing center knew him and asked him to sign her book. I knew The Secret brought this situation into my life and decided to act on it by working up my courage to talk to him. I asked if he would mind giving some advice to an "aspiring writer" or something like that. Although I don't think it came out that smoothly as I started to stumble on my words since I realized that I was talking to someone of importance and stature, even though he was no one I personally knew of. Though I will say I was mildly surprised at my courage and ability to just ask him, I think it shows how I'm growing and maturing as a person because I think last year I would have just worked up the words to say by time he left. So he was very nice, normal, and happy to chat with me briefly about writing and I'm so glad I approached him. His major points were to 1) write everyday and 2) read a lot and read really good well-versed authors... along with some other tidbits I'll always remember. So I'm making it my goal to take this advice to heart and really make the conscious effort to write everyday. Whether it's here or in a journal or something. Another inspiring, motivating experience to add to my week of adventures!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Here it goes...

So I'm still figuring this whole blog thing out... but I'm excited to start one! I had been thinking about starting one as lately it seemed that most of my friends were beginning their own. Tonight I got the push that I needed. I had one of the best coffee meetings I've had in a long time. I met up with the lovely Sarah, who I hadn't met before our coffee date but our parents worked together. We ended up having coffee for an hour and a half and it was wonderfully motivating and inspiring. I was hyper off the caffeine (since I rarely drink coffee, let alone a Caffe Mocha) and walked back to my apartment on a mission to be productive and make things happen. So here I am starting my blog and I'm excited to see how it will develop. Stay tuned!