Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cue the neon and flashing lights...

This picture was taken at an event I modeled in last week- KrelWear for Artists Wanted at Open House Gallery in NYC. Karelle, the designer, is a friend of mine based in Miami who was in town for some shows and exhibitions of her work. The event was a blast as me and a few other girls got to run around in these crazy neon disco outfits with black lights, strutting our stuff and dancing around. My hair was in a crazy poofy faux hawk that I loved, and I got to wear massive pink and orange lashes, paired with orange lips that glowed under the blacklights. The gallery basically turned into a funky 70s dance party, with guests even getting into it and dancing with us. The way Karelle presents her clothes is so much more fun and interactive than just a 5 minute runway show. Its usually more of a performance art where we get to be characters and take on a different persona. This got me very excited for my upcoming trip to Miami this week, during which Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival will be going on and I'll be mixing time with family and friends who I miss so dearly. I think there will even be a KrelWear event or two, as well as a photoshoot with the amazing NefariousGirl!

Cue the electro, dance, and house music, crazy nonstop parties day and night, neon rage wear, and flashing lights...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long Island

This past weekend I was able to get away on a jaunt to Babylon, Long Island to see my dear friend Cassie from UM. While we had some intense rain storms for most of the weekend, we embraced the blustery days and nights by staying indoors. I still got my dose of nature and felt like I was away enough from the city to relax and unwind. Movie marathons, wine, ordering in sushi, a trip to the mall for some shopping, family dinner, ice cream, boardgames with friends, pie on Pi Day, and warm hearty breakfasts sum up my couple of days spent with Cassie. I came back recharged and ready to take on this week. A little R&R and time with good friends do the body good.

Monday, March 8, 2010


My photog-roomie, Jen, conveniently happened to be setting up for a shoot while I was getting ready to go see Alice in Wonderland...

Wearing one of my favorite necklaces- a vintage silver purse that can open and hold special secrets. Love the bizarre mushroom shape of this Anna Sui skirt.

Surprise! my pink and purple tutu from Tokyo served as an excellent petticoat to add volume to the mushroom skirt.

Down the rabbit hole and back

Last night I embarked on a 3D adventure into wonderland, as created by Tim Burton. Before the highly-anticipated movie opened this past weekend, I had been re-reading the original story by Lewis Carroll- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. There is always a risk when doing a film adaptation to an originally written piece, but since this is a re-make to the Disney classic by a mastermind with his own wild imagination (with the newly sensational use of 3D effects), there was a general sense of excitement to see where Burton would take us. I had been looking forward to this cinematic adventure for the whole weekend, ignoring any outsiders opinions or critics' reviews. Dressing in my own Alice-inspired ensemble (photo to come), belly full of cupcakes, and my 3D glasses in hand, I ventured into wonderland. I have to say I enjoyed the movie immensely. It was a magical adventure filled with fantastical images, and the 3D experience made it all the more real and I felt as though I truly was with Alice, along for the ride. I agreed with and liked Burton's interpretation and creation of the various characters for the most part. He used just enough of his artistic license in altering the plot, but didn't push the limits or make it too gothic, which has been his style in the past. Afterward, I was still in a bit of a daze myself, trying to come out of wonderland and back to reality- which was one of the messages Burton gave viewers in learning how to face the responsibilities of life and not get lost in imagination, though it is a powerful and beautiful thing. On the way home, I let the images swirl around in my head and was inspired to put them to paper. The result of that train ride is the above doodlings. I'm no Tim Burton, but he has definitely sparked my imagination and curiosity.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Caught in the act

I'm proud to say I actually know this strapping young lad. When I ran into him yesterday at the farmer's market in Union Square, he was looking quite stylish while munching on a homemade muffin and I just couldn't resist snapping a pic. I'm glad I did, because I love how it turned out.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prospect Ave Pizza-makers

Friday nights in my family have traditionally been pizza & movie night. It's just kind of how Friday nights should be. And while I have been having my fair share of pizza since moving to NYC, the combo of pizza and a movie on a Friday night has been lacking. However, this past weekend that was corrected. My roommates and I collaborated with our upstairs neighbors to make a veggie pizza, some pasta, and watch a flick. There's just something fun and comforting in making your own pizza- the freedom of choice, ability to experiment with toppings, its imperfections, and sheer deliciousness in knowing it came straight from oven to plate. Below is a picture of the finished product- and funny thing is, we actually ended up doing another pizza-making night the following evening at our friends' housewarming party. Things got a little too experimental as the night went on and beers were had, with people throwing on banana, avocado, and all sorts of weird oddities. I wish I had snapped a few pictures of those creations.