Saturday, September 10, 2011

Costa Rica

I took my first vacation solo last month. I had one week between summer and fall semesters and had worked so hard this summer I decided to say "to hell with it all, peace out!" and splurged on a trip to Costa Rica for myself. I stayed on a farm on the eastern side in the province of Limon called La Finca Rio Perla. It was the perfect getaway. I was immersed in nature and got in touch with my roots there, literally. I learned about greenhouses and the farm life, eating the freshest fruits and vegetables I've ever tasted- no seasonings or dressings needed. I picked fresh lettuce for salads, milked a goat, made cheese with it, then ate it. It doesn't get much more "farm-to-table" than that. We took hiking trails to secluded, grandiose waterfalls and swam in the cool lagoons. I have a new-found appreciation for this lifestyle and learned that while it's so simple, it's still rewarding and not altogether a bad thing. I disconnected from internet, Facebook, Twitter, my cell phone for a week and frankly, I wasn't ready to turn it all back on my last day at the airport leaving San Jose. I took a day and went to the coast to see the beach and do the zipline in the rainforest canopy in Puerto Viejo. There I saw the most incredible beaches, picturesque like a Corona ad. The night sky there was unlike anything I'd ever seen, planetarium-like where there are millions of stars to be seen and they envelope you like a dome, feeling close enough to reach out and touch. The zipline was an unreal, exhilarating sensation that filled my entire body with the utmost joy and thrill possible. I connected with the locals and heard their stories- they were such warm, friendly people. Even a Rastafarian dude and I had some good talks and he showed me around Puerto Viejo. This trip was just what I needed. It was the biggest breath of fresh air, and I returned understanding my connection to people, food, the environment, and life itself.

The "road" to get to the farm

This is what a day old calf looks like.

Fruit of the gods, new obsession: Anon "biriba"

Milking a goat

Raw macadamia nut

Now that's a knife... peeling sugarcane

Coolest cowboy I know.
Coco holders?

First time stepping foot on a volcano beach

Delicious fresh veggie sandwich at Bread & Chocolate in Puerto Viejo
Of course I had to try the chocolate too...

Ziplining in the canopy!

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