Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Miami's 'IT' Girl"?

Due to the sporadic postings on here and the ground covered on a wide range of topics, it might be hard to follow what it is I "do" here in Miami. And until recently it had been a juggling art of sorts, keeping my hand in many things and taking any opportunity that came my way. Local blog site Wasabi Fashion Kult interviewed me on my experiences in the modeling world, my views of Miami and its potential as a city, and more, dubbing me "Miami's 'IT' Girl". I'm quite flattered, blushing even, not sure if I'm the one to hold the title but you can check it out here.

In further news, I just started a new venture as Editor of Eater Miami yesterday and that will be my main focus now as a nearly full-time job while also working on the quarterly publication of DiningOut Miami as City Editor. Kind of ironic that I've gone from model to foodie, but that's how things have played out thus far. I still love fashion and will model some gigs here and there, but I'm happy on this new path I'm going down as a double-time editor in Miami's restaurant scene.

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