Monday, July 30, 2012

Miami: The Magic City

Cruising past the downtown skyline with the sun rays warming my face, wind tossing my hair, and salty sea breeze sticking to my skin... This is sheer bliss. 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to (finally) go out on a friend's boat. I can't remember the last time I went out on one; it has to have been nearly a year. Hence, lately I had been craving it. I just wanted to be on a boat. Simple enough, but it's actually quite the mission. Living in Miami, I try to seize the opportunity whenever possible to get out in the ocean- whether it be swimming at the beach a few blocks away from my apartment, venturing out kayaking, paddle boarding (a recent first!), or boating. I am so happy and in my element when I'm on the water. It feels relaxing yet rejuvenating at the same time. While I would've liked my Saturday to feel productive in the form of crossing off items on my endless "to do" list, this was far more fulfilling in every sense. We need to take these days once in a while to just soak in the beauty of the Magic City and all it has to offer. Surrender ourselves to the weekend. Lists and routines can wait, because otherwise we get caught up in them and take where we live for granted. Sure, it's a city built on a cocaine empire and thrives off making money from tourists, but the underlying beauty remains. We all have our vices here, probably the biggest one being overindulgence. I know I'm guilty-- it's easy to do. The city is flooded with gorgeous men, women, celebrities, models, endless flashy designer labels, elite sports cars, high-end restaurants, luxurious hotels, some of the best nightlife in the world, and of course drugs (the latter being something I'm not guilty of overindulging in). But when I take a moment to get back to basics and the simple pleasures that life here brings, it reminds me that I truly do love this beautiful city. Take a deep breath in, open your eyes, and look around. We live in paradise.

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  1. Ahh that picture is stunning! I've been trying to get out to the ocean more myself, its so hard to get caught up in day to day life and forget about taking the time to relax and do the things we really want to do