Monday, July 23, 2012

Travel Bound...

Photo taken by me, outside Miami International Airport

Today I awoke to a storm outside. I opened my eyes and the blinds to see rain pouring down, palm fronds flailing in gusts of wind, and the sound of thunder rattling my windows. Much to my delight, as it was Sunday and the sunshine was not beckoning me to play, I relished the opportunity to sink back into a deep sleep.

Lazily waking up around 11:30, I finally got out of bed. With the storm still in full force, the mood for my Sunday was set. Plans of brunch and Mercedes-Benz Swim Week pool parties this afternoon soon gave way to lounging around in my pajamas trolling the internet and making plans to go to the movies with my mom. Once my computer booted up, I immediately knew I wanted to listen to The xx as the mood set by the storm was begging the serenade of their British voices. After which I realized tickets to their show in New York for October went on sale on Friday at noon while I was at work. So I hopped on the site, browsed available tickets, and knew I just had to see these guys live. I can listen to their album xx on repeat over and over, and have been since 2009. I was getting a bit of a rush going through with buying 2 tickets, not knowing who will be joining me but excited at the prospect of this future adventure with a friend. I clicked Purchase and waited for the spinning dial to tell me my order was complete. A big smile came across my face. I'll get around to buying the plane ticket when I get the chance, but this was for sure. I'm going to experience them live. And that's all I needed to know.

After, I'm chatting with a friend from Chicago online. Telling him how I've yet to visit the city and it's definitely on my list (in the summer), but I wasn't too sure it would happen this year. "Well, you've still got time to make Lollapalooza", he mentions. Hmm... The wheels start spinning instantly and I'm plotting. I quickly pull up Spirit Airline's website and check the airfares. Thinking the prices would be enough to dissuade me, I am surprised it's quite the contrary. I find a round trip ticket that weekend for $200 (though I know what comes with a Spirit flight as it is pretty dingy and no frills, but it's one of the only ways my post-grad budget can afford to travel and my experiences are usually pretty decent). We keep chatting back and forth as I'm debating another purchase and the minor details about how to get in since the festival is sold out, and he just says to me "book the flight". I oscillate for a bit longer as I continue getting ready for my matinee with mom, brushing my teeth and throwing on clothes. I decide I really want to do this. I plug in all my information on the site and finally come down to the Book Reservation button, getting another surge of adrenaline rushing through me as I point my cursor over it and tap the mouse. I did it! I'm going to Chicago! For the first time! To Lollapalooza! With my friends! Quite a few people from Miami are going up for it, and I start texting people right away with my exciting news. I've never been to a festival except for Ultra, or gone on a trip where I'll be with a bunch of friends all converging in one place, being brought together by music. I'm thrilled to say the least and can't wait to embark on this adventure! Posts will follow shortly after the trip abundant with stories.

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